When will cannabis licenses be available in Minnesota?

We anticipate the licensing application process to commence in early to mid 2024.

What is the best license type for me?

Determining the best license type depends on various factors specific to your business. At High Level Strategies, our team will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your available resources, interests, and objectives to help you understand the most suitable options. We will then provide expert advice on the best course of action tailored to your team’s needs.

Why do I need a consultant for my licensing application?

If you’ve never owned a cannabis business, having advisors for the licensing application process will help you to better understand the routes and plans needed. We utilize the library of resources available through our partnership with CHARCCO to develop your plans so you’re in the best position to win a license.

How do I get a cannabis grant from the state?

At High Level Strategies, we have a valuable partnership with grant writer Angela Dawson, who specializes in securing start-up grants for qualified applicants. With our assistance, you can navigate the grant application process and increase your chances of obtaining the funding needed to get your cannabis business off the ground.

When will recreational sales start?

Based on current information, quarter one of 2025 appears to be the expected timeline for the commencement of recreational sales in Minnesota.

Can I own a business if I have a criminal record?

The eligibility to own a business with a criminal record depends on various factors, which will be determined by the Office of Cannabis Management during its rule-making process. They will assess any disqualifications or waiting periods that may apply.

What is rulemaking?

Rulemaking is the process through which state agencies develop and establish regulations to implement specific laws. In cases where the legislature delegates authority to the agency, the rulemaking process allows the agency to create the detailed rules and guidelines necessary for effectively executing the laws.

What is social equity?

Social equity provisions under Chapter 342 aim to address the injustices of cannabis prohibition by identifying specific criteria to support those who have been most affected by prohibition. In Minnesota, these provisions are designed to create opportunities and pathways for those individuals to thrive in the cannabis industry.

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