High Level Strategies is a team built through network and love for cannabis. Collectively organized by principal Maren Schroeder, HLS brings together some of the most experienced cannabis industry professionals in Minnesota.

Each agreement for services is structured differently, and may be contracted with one of our team’s partner organizations. For example, licensing applications will be under contract with CHARCCO in most circumstances, and lobbying services under contract with MJoy, LLC. The purpose of HLS is to combine our experience to provide a one-stop-shop for what the industry needs to succeed and coordinate those resources for you.

The entire HLS team was deeply involved in development of the cannabis legalization policies adopted by the Minnesota Legislature in 2023, making recommendations throughout the process to build good public policy. Our work set our own business interests and ambitions aside to build a model for cannabis legalization that the rest of the country should look to as an example.

Now that you’ve read a little bit about us and how we operate, we hope you’ll take some time to review the services offered and the credentials of our team.